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Well, by zhandax posting it appears to be the a "Good" part.
If it is not stocked, they obviously get it from somewhere. At US 75.00 is still A LOT cheaper than US 500.00 for the whole housing.

Well, I did a search and found the post from M.B. DOC:

"Available only thru the aftermarket. BOSCH part number 3-437-224-035, very hard to calibrate.

MB part number 000-074-23-14 for the complete housing."

The bad news: I just realized, they were talking about a 1986 190E 16V 5 speed. We are talking about 1986 300E.
Would the potentiometers be the same?

The post title: "190e 16v problem ??? "

I guess we will have to wait until next weekend to look at the pics and find out the outcome.

Keep us informed
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