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New Owner needs help

Hello people I just picked up a mint condition 87 420 SEL and I have absolutely fell in love with it! I have a few questions regarding doing a little work to it, I am looking to put the fog lights on the front I have seen them on a few cars but have no idea where to buy them from can any on help? Also I would like to lower the car and would like some suggestions. I am having a vibration problem on acceleration I noticed that one side of the rear axle has been changed and the other has not I assume that it has worn out and it is carrying over thru the drive train and it only does it on accleration or when the rear axle is rotating, does this car come equipped with a drive shaft bearing? Could that be the problem? I bought the car from my next door neighbor she and her husband had the car since new and they really only drove the car to church and back she only wanted $2500 for the car but I felt bad and gave her $3000 for it it has 98k original miles and the back seat has never been sat in. She says that the feul pump is starting to make noise and I can hear it, does this car have to feul filters on it is there more than one fuel pump, and also is it internally regulated for the fuel flow and also is the car fuel injected? I am new to the "modern" day car I normally fix up old muscle cars so this is all new to me. Thank you in advance for your help and feed back.

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