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W124 SRS light problem

Hi all,

I swapped on a late 90's W202 steering wheel into my '87 and have a minor problem. The SRS light comes on when the wheel is in a certain position only, when turned about 30-45 degrees to the right. Before or after that position it's off, but at that ONE spot, it comes on! Very annoying. Now before you start typing replies... yes, I have a NEW contact ring in the steering wheel!! So then I pulled the wheel, scuffed the new ring with fine sandpaper & wiped with brake cleaner, and also scuffed the 4 brushes poking out of the steering column. That helped for a day or three but now I'm back to the same problem.

It doesn't light up driving down the road (since you don't normally turn the wheel far enough to get to the "problem" area), but in parking lots & driveways it's irritating to watch the SRS light blink as the wheel hits that certain spot. Any ideas here? I hate to spend ~$50 for a new brush assembly and not have that cure the problem. The contact ring looks perfect, doesn't appear to have any defects....

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