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First.....that is one hell of a deal!!! I would have felt like I was stealing it, too!!! You could probably turn around and sell it for 3 times as much. Hats off to you though for knowing a good deal when you see one.

As far as your questions:

Foglights: Are you talking about the ones built into the bumpers? Those were only on the coupes. Your MB has the fog lights built into the headlights (on the inboard side). On the coupes since the headlights are smaller and no room for foglights, they went to the bumper. I guess you could still install universal PIAA type foglights, but I wouldn't. To turn them on pull on your headlight switch when your lights are on. While in the subject of you will come to learn in this forum...everyone recommends changing to european spec lights. Look much better and perform much better.

Lowering the car: Many people use the H&R spring/Bilstein Comfort shock combination with #2 bump pads front and rear. I am going to lower my car, but haven't decided exactly how yet. From other members, I have heard that the H&R ride is rather firm. I have also heard that the Eibach springs, while still lowering your car, are a little softer. I am leaning towards buying the Eibachs for myself since I want to preserve as much ride as I can. You just have to know your priorities. Are you a "spririted" driver? Are you more interested in handling or ride?? Check out springs at

Vibration: I am really not qualified to answer this, someone more knowledgable would be better to answer this one.

Fuel filters: It has 1 filter, 2 pumps. I think the pumps on MBs always make noise. This is normal. Mine has always had a slight buzzing or hissing noise when you stand behind it. I doubt there is anything wrong.

Yes the car is fuel injected. MB has not made a post WWII non-FI car. Needless to say, the EFI system is not near as sophisticated as the ones they have today, but it is injected.

If you are wondering about any of these topics or anything else, try the search button (the little blue bars towards the top of this page). Just type in what you are looking for, and years worth of posts will come up. Many of the things you are wondering might have already been answered.

Welcome to the Benz world and good luck with your new MB and keep us posted!
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