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nice to see you here. you helped me a couple of months ago with a 1994 e 320 i had. that was on another forum.

the car is very bad when cold....snap changes when shifting and wont rev beyond 3000 rpm ..very rough. while driving i would take it out of gear and it will rev to red line but still rough.

after about 3 miles it will start clearing itself...when it is warm it feels good and the gears change smoothly but there is still a bit of roughness when you kickdown and floor it.

i think i have 2 problems that are not related...

1) the vibration i feel on the car thru the steering goes away when i put a trolley jack and jack up the transmission of the car slightly...the vibration goes away. i will replace the transmission mount and also the rubber disc on the propshaft.

2) i saw a post where ARTHUR DALTON explained the closed/open loop cycle that the car goes thru when it is cold on the transmission....

could there be a relation to my problem.

just to confirm there are no codes and check engine light.
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