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Auxiliary Water Pump Can Destroy CCU or Even Car?

The auxiliary water pump on my 81 380sl hasn't been working, so I just picked one up on Ebay. However, I learned from several threads on these pumps that, if the pump seizes and draws too much current, it could destroy the CCU or even the car, as it did in this thread:

I lost it all....electrical fire high up in the dash

So, I'm hesitant to install it without first putting a 1 amp fuse on the power wire out.

Can anybody tell me if that problem affected the 81 380sl and, if so, is it caused by particular pumps, the car's circuitry, or both.

Thanks very much in advance. __________________
1981 380SL
Chassis: R107.045
1981 380SL
Chassis: R107.045
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