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Originally Posted by Diseasel300 View Post
It affects all cars with the ACCII climate control system. 1980/81-1985. It's due to a design flaw in the pushbutton unit itself. The traces are not heavy enough to carry locked-rotor current to the pump and can overheat to the point that it damages the pushbutton circuit card, or if you're really unlucky, cause a fire. An inline fuse in the positive lead to the motor is cheap insurance.

Thanks a million for the quick reply. I replaced the "evil servo" with the digital unit some time ago, but your reply suggests that it won't make any difference.

After looking on line for a 1 amp fuse and fuse holder, the only one I could find was this one at Advance Auto parts:

I guess I can solder that into the power (black?) line. Problem is finding a 1 Amp fuse. Any ideas?
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