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Tried Search but to no avail....PLEASE HELP

I have been having coolant temp issues with my M103...1990 300E and was hoping for direction...David Lee or Bong36 or someone? they seem to have a lot of expertise in this:

Here is my situation:

My car has been running between 100-118 for a while during most stop and go, I replaced the thermostat today and took it for a test drive..temp here is about 18 degrees celcius ..the car seemed great, not getting hotter than 100 degrees while in stop and go traffic, but then I decide to pull over and let it idle....sure enough it climbed back up Checked the fans and the passenger one was spinning but not the driver's side. I touched it lightly and it started going...

People were mentioning fuses and relays, My fuses are good, but for the relays different story: On the forum it was mentioned that if you take out the relays with the car started, the fans should come on, well I took the relays in position C (Aux fan relay) and B (preresistor relay) out and nothing happened. When I put them back in, the fans started turning, the passenger fan was spinning much faster than the driver's side fan. Also what occured above with the driver side not working till touched, occured.

Should I replace both relays? What is wrong with the driver's side fan? I am planning to do a flush and replace the fluid with 50/50 MB and Distilled water...what else??

As for the temp being normal and optimum, I do not believe that is car is much more sluggish when at that temp..

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