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What a wealth of information at your website! Thanks for compiling all the data and pointing me to it.

After studying everything I can find, here are my conclusions, someone please correct me where I am wrong:

1)Base Module is in same enclosure (F23?) where the 38 pin diag. connector (X11/4) is, passenger side, near firewall

2)My SL320 (production date 1-10-96) has (2) 10amp fuses in base module, both of which are good.

3)These BM fuses each protect several circuits, appears 1 fuse covers MIL, DM, Fuel pump, and injectors, blown fuse would kill the engine.

4)Diagnostic module is in same enclosure, I _THINK_ its the one in the center, with 2 separate harnesses connected by silver latching mechanisms.

5)Because my car is a late 96 with OBDII, pulling DTC's requires scanner, no need for me to build a DIY LED code reader. At present no DTC's can be accessed due to inoperative 'check engine' lite.

Since my "Check Engine" MIL will NOT come on at ANY time, I am certain the bulb is good, and all fuses are good, stands to reason the DM is not switching it on. This is the same ($2000) conclusion Beck Mercedes came to, even without pulling the cluster and checking the MIL bulb. Is the official Mercedes Benz diagnostic computer that good?


According to NCDMV, manufacturer is required to extend warranty (95 and later cars) period of eight years and 80K miles for "specified major emission control components." Beck Mercedes' position is this DM is an 'interface point', not emission related, thus not covered under extnd. warranty.

1)Has anyone on this forum had any success at getting MB to warranty such items?

2)Is there ANY information actually stored on DM, any reason a 'recycled' part couldn't be plugged in?

3)would a recycled DM from any other Mercedes be interchangeable with mine?

Thanks for any input.
Mike K
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