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Originally Posted by Diseasel300 View Post
Just a 2018 update to this thread, I made a mistake on one of the capacitor values! The 7F is actually a 1F!

When I originally recapped my ECU, the top was split open on most of my caps. They were those crappy brown "UK" caps that ALWAYS die (seriously, if you see one in any of your car's electronics, just replace it, they're crap!). Because the font is extremely hard to read, I assumed it was a 7F, especially due to the size of the capacitor.

Flash forward to today, and I was reworking an ECU for a friend's SDL and noticed his was a 1F of a different brand. Same board, same layout, same design.

I've fought an intermittent idle hunt that's been significantly worse since I tuned the injection an idle it's like someone rhythmically goosing the throttle, and it isn't always present, but will show up at some point every time the car is driven. Since changing that capacitor to a 1F, it idles rock steady, no hunt at all!

This thread is old enough that I can't go back up and edit the original post, so hopefully future readers will make it this far and notice the update.
I read page 2 of this thread bought the caps, went to replace them and found the 1F instead of 7F... then I went on to read page 3. Lesson learned lol. Fortunately I had a 1F cap in my stash. No worries.
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