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Ignition Key Lock Buzzer Switch

I'm putting in a new ignition steering lock assembly. I had thought it was the ignition switch that was doing a slow fail, I did the backward unscrewing of it from the ignition lock assembly, oops turns out the tab from the ignition lock assembly that turns the ignition switch was failing. Little pieces of it came out with the switch, the mirror showed it to be looking badly metal fatigued into ruin.

I'm using the PDF tutorial of some guy on the web, has been interesting. My key lock buzzer must have been unhooked when I got the car. Fine with me. I like the buzzer telling me the headlight is on but not the buzzer telling me my keys are in the ignition. The vids and articles I've found have only one small bundle clipping onto the jack which mounted to the housing. My car has two. I was about to take the black plastic unit from the old switch to put on the new one and I'm thinking why bother? I don't want to use it. I'm just wondering why mine has two wire bundles going off from it instead of one. Does it perhaps control something else that will cause me grief if I don't hook it up?

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