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I am thinking you may have a seat belt warning light that the other wire goes to. But, I am guessing.
On the W123s I have never noticed a seat belt light and it has only one wire.

I did not know how to get the switch out of my damaged steering Colum Lock so I carefully cut off one of the aluminum lips get it off with out damaging it.

On my the switch had hooks on each side of the Switch that expended into recesses in the aluminum lips.
On the W123 in order to depress the little switch hooks on each side of the switch you need to get something like the old "bobby pins" that were made of folded flat wire. And shove the flat pare into each side of the switch to depress the hooks so the switch can be pushed out.

You also need to have the ignition in a position where the switch plunger is all the way up inside of the switch.
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