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Replacement key FOB online

Has anyone had success with buying a second Mercedes Key FOB from anyone online.

We have lost our second key to our 2003 E320. I believe it's in the house somewhere. Fell behind furniture or got thrown out by mistake, but not by me. I say she did it, she says I did it. It's her car and she drives it 95% of the time. My key, the missing one, always stayed on the top of my desk. I never carried my Mercedes key unless I was driving her car. I prefer to drive my truck. She drives my truck 5% of the time.

I just called our local dealer for a replacement key and it's about $300, which is not that bad if I knew the key was put out with the trash last year.

I just don't want to spend that much and then find our lost key the next day. I asked the dealer if they could program a second key bought online and they said no.

Where did you get your second FOB?
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