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Originally Posted by EricSilver View Post
I ran the VIN and the 07's engine is definitely in the safe zone.

Test drove it a second time and it seems a little hesitant on the initial up shift to higher gears. Considering it's the same transmission as my e430 that's a little bit unusual, probably not the best comparison. Otherwise it's a wonderful car.

Will also be driving the 08 again and then will make a final decision. There is a substantial difference in price, about $1,400.,with the 08 being higher, with slightly higher miles but seems to drive more smoothly than all the other cars I've driven, including the 07. It also has the 18 inch 10-spoke wheels which I actually like, but am not sure are worth the premium.
The 07 hesitant shift is likely a worn lock up torque converter damper. It's a component built into the valve body on 2000+ 722.6. It feels like a rough 1-2 shift when the trans is cold but it's actually the torque converter not locking up properly. The 722.6 lockup TQ is used in all 5 gears. It's a cheap, easy part to replace if you are doing the conductor plate. Sonnax makes a kit for it and its on my to do list for my 04.
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