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Question 1981 300sd

Up until this past Saturday I would not even consider buying a Mercedes later than 1976; however, at an impound auction I started the bidding process on a 1981 300SD and ended up with "the buy of a lifetime". I am in the process of repairing obvious things and need to fix the glow-plug system before I can start it---related to the glow plug system is fuse #15 which blows as soon as I connect the battery---I will have to track this down ; however, one item that immediately grabbed my attention was this: As soon as I connect the battery, the locking system begins a lock-unlock cycle and will continue this cycle until I disconnect the battery. I thought the locking system was vacuum operated---and this car has not run in a long time, so there should be no vacuum built up in the system. Can any 300SD owners clue me in as to what is happening here?
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