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When you refer to regular and premium, what exact octane levels are you referring to? As mentioned already, just check the manual and use whatever minimum octane it says your car requires...I have never heard of a car running better on an octane that is LOWER than the recommended octane...unless your knock sensors have retarded something in your engine to compensate for the lower octane, and thereby making whatever that caused the roughless in your engine with the recommend octane less apparent...however, I doubt this is likely...with my '95 E420, the manual recommends 91 octane or you know, oil prices skyrocketed a little while ago, and I switched from 94 octane to 92, and felt the car accelerated/idled very rough...when I came back up to 94 octane, the car felt fine again...but many argue that higher octane than what the manual recommends is useless...oh well...who really knows...

Regarding your car feeling heavy, you could upgrade your shocks, springs, and move to a more aggressive tire/wheel package to bring up the handling...
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