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it's still there

Hey guys

I got some more updates on my problem, but at this point I'm not sure where this noise is coming from anymore.

I got new rotors for both rear wheels, they spin very nicely now and don't hit anything anymore. The calipers work fine and open up when you release the brake, everything has been cleaned multiple times, I even tried new wheels, but the noise is still there. It seems to go faint after I do something with the wheels but then it comes back.

I'm starting to think that this might be my differential, or maybe it's not even coming from the rear, but moreso rear then front that's for sure. This is an inside noise, you can only hear it in the car, I tried driving by walls to see if it echos off but nothing, or it's too faint outside to be heard like this.

This problem has me really worried and I'm not sure how to trouble shoot it either, or find out where it's coming from. I'm quite sure it is wheel related because the driveshaft spins at a different speed then the wheels do.

I will be doing more reaserch, maybe I can get the car on a lift and see if I can hear it as the wheels are spinning freely.

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