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anyone tried an engine (oil) flush?

after a week away i had a recurrence of the sticking lifter problem i experienced once last winter. one cylinder was not firing at startup but started after a few seconds. there was also the telltale clicking which quickly subsided. it is running normally now.

i have been doing 3k oil changes, lately with delvac 1300 trying to clean up any internal sludge & varnish. i can see a yellowish coat on the rockers which i assume is a "varnish deposit". i am due for an oil change soon.

i want to try either switching to synthetic or using one of those oil flushes that "clears sticking lifters". i am leery of the leaks associated with synthetics so i want to try a flush first. i found one made by lubeguard which has a pretty good reputation as far as additives go.

i have read other m104's having a similar problem with the lifters. i want to hear if anything in particular, short of replacing the lifter has helped.

1993 300e-2.8
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