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Hello -

It's been a while since my last posting.

Is it possible to rebuild the Bosch alternator or better to replace with a rebuilt or new unit ?

I think the alternator on the 81 300SD needs attention. The car has a new regulator for the alternator and battery but the alternator, which I believe is the original unit with about 195,000 miles on it, needs to be rebuilt or replaced. It is not keeping up with the load when the car is in stop and go traffic with radio/headlights/foglights/climate control for an extended period.
Went to the store through 25-30 minutes of crawling traffic and when I came back out of the store the battery bogged down after several cranks.
No problem after extended steady cruising.

By the say, after a valve adjustment (w/ wrenches bought from you) and regular oil changes the car has been humming along like it is new.
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