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I just want to kindly comment on the condescending remark about lowering...maybe a little uncalled for, esp. to a new member. I could hardly consider an 87 classic. Also, if you consider lowering this car somehow sinful, then probably better than half the people in this forum are destined to go to hell. A very substantial amount of people's cars in this forum are lowered, have wheels, tinted windows, stereos, non-OE headlights/taillights, exhausts and other misc. performance mods.

I don't condemn anyone for wanting to lower a 126, with it's high-rise front end. If anything, lowering makes it look "just right", or the way it should have looked from the factory, rather than "slammed".

Also, if the car does one day become some sought after classic...fine...springs, and most things people do to their cars, are a very reversible mod. Not like the guy wants to give it a flame paint job and stuff a small block Chevy in it. However, I somehow am doubtful of its potential to become a true, or at least sought after classic. Are people scrambling for W116s? Hardly. Also, 9 times out of 10, the coupes are always the ones that become sought after classics, not the sedans. Take the S class of the late 60s (W111). A restored coupe or convertible will run you at the very least 20-some-thousand all the way up to 50-something. A sedan...pick one up for a song. So rip the guy that "ruined" his 560SEC, not this guy for wanting to lower a 420SEL.

The main point is, though, that the owner should have the car to where it makes him/her happy....not anyone else.
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