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Stainless Steel Hammerhead Tool Chest

Anyone ever see one of these at your local COSTCO of all places?

For a serious drool:

I saw 2 there the other Friday. One demo and one in a shipping carton. The price was unbelieveable. About $700. If you've ever daydreamed about a stainless steel tool chest of this size, you'd know that these are usually several thousand dollars. Even a high end ball bearing Craftsman is $600. I only took a cursory look at it but the quality looked first class.

My initial thought was that COSTCO somehow got a hold of a few closeouts but I checked on the web and found that the manufacturer is Chinese and primarily in the business of stainless steel BBQs, another big ticket US item but with Chinese labor costs, could become very affordable.

I kept thinking about them and I went back Monday for a closer look and..they were gone. If you check out the testimonials at their website, it appears that it may be a COSTCO exclusive.
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