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I have found that when installing the potentiometer the point on the left side on the air meter housing where it mounts provides a fixed suppot on the left side and the only thing we need to adjust is the heights of the right side(see the picture).
By moving the right side of the potentiometer up or down you can move the slope (inputs and outputs curve) by some amount(picture on the next post).
The point here is to set the potentiometer so that it provides less resistance at idle and more resistance at rpms lower or higher than idle. To find this point I moved the pressure plate to the idle point and moved the potentiometer up and down till it gave its lowest reading and then tightened it.
The only thing that I don't understand is why is my potentiometer reading 4k resistance at 0 movement, 4.5k at idle and then goes back to about 1k at fully depressed position. This seems to be the opposite of what people are getting. I think its resistance should go from 1k at zero to about 4k when depressed.
I also don't know if my method above is correct. Can someone confirm this please.
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