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I looked at the Redline and the Amsoil websites and looks like either will be a good choice since they both have the additive. Regarding weights though, it looks like their "standard" weight is 75W90. Is this what my car needs or something else??

When refilling, the manual says 1.3 liters (I think). Do I actually need to measure this out, or is it just up to the bottom of the fill hole?

Also, since my diff cover is weeping, I plan to take it off and reseal it. thomaspin, on his excellent website, describes the procedure on a non-limited slip rear end. It looks like all that is holding the diff in place is the rear mount. However, on mine, in addition the rear mount, it looks like there is some sort of a rubber bushing on the left side held on be an allen key. Is there anything I need to know about this bushing before I tackle this job? Thanks!
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