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if you already have the M pump to swap in along with the injection lines and linkages i would recommend getting the 7.5mm dieselmeken elements. the 6mm should do 150 easily however the 7.5 should slightly help your off boost power since they shorten the injection duration time along with potentially a tiny bit more mileage. as for the turbo the 603 turbo is not too bad and will do 150hp but it will be near its limit there and is not as efficient as more modern turbos. i have been running an 8mm pump with a holset HE221W and it is quite streetable full boost by 2250 rpm with over 10 psi by 1500.
1985 300D om617: 8mm M pump 175cc 5200rpm, holset he221w @ 30psi, large A2W ic, compounds on the way.
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