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Update on situation

Ok, i have some updated info. The oil is not in anyway creamy like mayo. It is more like cofee with a little cream. The water pump is leaking very badly and it defnitely needs to be changed. I took a garden hose to the coolant and started filling it, the waterpump was leaking a lot. This was while the car was off. I found three diff. waterpumps at this site for about $110: There are 3 diff. water pump brands Graf, Geba, and Laso. Anyone know the difference? Now that I have to change the water pump and special tools that i need or any tips and tricks that will help me?

Next about the head gasket problem I am planning to change the oil and filter to see what will happen to the oil and how long it will take to happen. But I am thinking that if I am going to change the water pump might as well change the head gasket at the same time? Let me know what you guys think.

For all of you that responded thank you very much. Larry and Fintail I sure hope it is not a cracked block
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