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Originally Posted by dieselworks View Post
Timing. That was the question. I did see where the turbo pump was modified with 7.5. And was timed to 10 atdc. The engine sounded really crisp. With absolutely no hesitation. I noticed the same thing when I advanced my 617. But haven't heard whether the 606 can be advanced using the stock injection pump. I tend to think the 606 should react similarly to a 617. But I'd like to know if someone else has advanced their timing and what the results were before I advance my pump. That sounds reasonable. Right?

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Not sure on whether you can do this advancement on a stock pump but when the pump builders make pumps with bigger elements they generally have very different timing requirements due to what they did in the pump. For example, my 6mm pump is set for 15 BTDC. But if you are just going to advance your stock pump a few degrees it should do the same as your 617 i imagine.
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