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I'm sorry I offended you. It is your new car to do with as you please.
When you wrote lowered it made me think of the kids around the larger cities in Ct. with Acuras, and Hondas lowered,neon, stickers, cantalope ejecting mufflers/tailpipes-bass rattling the car to shreds.
I can tell from your posts that that doesn't happen in Missouri,wish.
I stuck my foot in my mouth once before with a guy who used to work for me when I said something like: "yeah ..and some people hang fuzzy dice from their rear view mirror too!" He just looked at me and then told me he had fuzzy dice!.
So once again I have to pull a size 8 out of my mouth! My apologies. I should be more appreciative to others' creativity and vision.
And once again I wish you the best with your new car!

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