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I'm not the guy that originated this post, I guess you could just say I was defending his desire to lower his car. I wasn't offended by definition. If I sounded like I was barking at you...wasn't meant that way...I was just, in a succinct manner, trying to bring to light some the extensive mods some people do to their Benzes...some tasteful, some not. A lot of these mods make springs seem minor. Just gotta put it in perspective.

Oh...and we do have the rice boys here in Missouri! I know exactly what you are talking about. Some of these Civics are so low, I don't know how they drive them. And quite frankly, there is nothing that pisses me off more than one of those weedeater mufflers. I find it hilarious how these guys think that adding a NOPI Nationals sticker adds 20HP.

Ya gotta admit though, there is a big difference between these snobby rich boys that can find nothing better to do than dump thousands upon thousands of dollars into a worthless Civic to impress their friends, and guys like us that just want to dress up our Benzes a little.

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