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Originally Posted by HuskyMan View Post
The indy charged nothing to listen to the car. He came out, gave a listen and told me what he thought the problem was.....
Your first post said:

. . . who listened carefully and determined the problem was Transmission Torque Converter Flex Plate failure.
Then as the story unfolds:

. . . told me what he thought the problem was.
This is a real life example of why shops don't like to give off the cuff diagnoses. The shop gives a free " it might be this but I need to look into it further " and the car owner takes this as " 100% here is your problem " then blasts the shop for a " miss-diagnosis ".

The questions are:

Is a shop required to give free in depth diagnosis? ( A sub question is, Does your doctor give free tests to determine what pills you need? )

If they had told you the fan clutch was bad, would you have fixed it your self or paid them to fix it?

If the shop said to change change the water pump at the same time, would you have considered this padding the bill?
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