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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
This is a real life example of why shops don't like to give off the cuff diagnoses. The shop gives a free " it might be this but I need to look into it further " and the car owner takes this as " 100% here is your problem " then blasts the shop for a " miss-diagnosis ".

Many years ago, I knew a guy who had his own shop in a city populated by many people of means. He worked on BMWs and M-Bs exclusively. When I was at the shop, I'd watch these people come in with their car and want service. I was amazed and sometimes embarrassed by the attitudes of my fellow human beings - the deserving, the demanding, the entitlement, the take-it-leave-it-on-my-terms, the looking down at the seemingly lowly technician. To my amazement, I'd also watch the guy routinely reject business. He would be respectful (unlike many of the people wanting service) but wouldn't suffer fools and send them on their way.

Originally Posted by HuskyMan View Post
He did not seem too interested in offering a pay-to-play diagnostic service to further investigate.
So what.
If you're fortunate, you won't have to go back in the future and plead for help with something else. If you hope to keep a 1984 vehicle going, your future is likely to include seeking the help of others in one form or another.

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