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Realise I posted on the wrong board. I think this is more approporate

Hagies thanks for your reply. Truely value your help in this regards.

Jim, thanks for your note. Yes without you pointing the point out, I didn't realise I posted in the wrong board. Mine is a "Petrol" engine and thanks for correcting me in this regards. Still running very HAPPY with your excellent cool harness.

What Hagies point out is true, I properly should't replace things because of its a 1992 car. In fact I don't seem to have any of the "Bad Injectors" symptom as discussed in detail in this web site. My idle speed is around 600 rpm and I don't get any vibration nor any hestitation. (I think these are the symptom)

In fact I found this "so called" leak from visual inspection rather than idle hestitation or poor start problems.

Out here where I am, the mechanics will always say "replace the lot" I wanted to get some opinions from expert here in regards to what really should be replaced. I hate to replace something that does not need replacing at all. Worst still, the mechanics will charge $$ labor with no value add!!

OK my problems?? just a visual leak, I think. One of the injector, #5, has black oil all around it and in areas near-by including the harness connection. I am worried that this may lead to bigger problems and thus want to get a mechanic to fix it ASAP. Should I not worry? How involve is this? Should I post a picture?

All help are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all of you!
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