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Originally Posted by 97 SL320 View Post
I wonder if the shop never lifted the hood and just did a walk by knowing it was free work. Apparently they never gave him a parts list or pricing so this was not an official diagnosis / estimate.

Also, the OP claims he never found a good shop in 25 + years, I'm betting good shops don't want to deal with his cars leaving the less than better shops to pick up the work.

Some years back, paid a shop $500 to install a new A/C compressor on the 1984 300DT. I needed the A/C to WORK because I was taking the car halfway across the United States in the middle of summer. 1800 miles into the trip, the A/C went out. I arrived at my destination suffering heat stroke and sweating like a pig. Me and my passenger's clothes were SOAKED from perspiration...

I finally got the car into another shop to check out the situation. My first thought was the A/C compressor had FAILED. Boy, was I WRONG. Turns out the first shop had used an incorrect sealing washer where the A/C hoses connect to the compressor. The new shop mechanic merely reached over and grabbed a washer which he said cost no more than a dollar and replaced the leaking washer. After he tested the system to see if it would hold a vacuum VOILA! instant air conditioning!!!!

$500 down the D-R-A-I-N with incompetent mechanic #1 plus an extremeley uncomfortable road trip!!

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