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Central Locking C180

Hello again! Quick questions.
Car details: C180, 1995.
1) One of my remote fobs no longer functions. How easy is it to get a replacement? Are there any cheap options?
2) When the working fob is operated the green and red lights on the door and courtesy light flash (the green used to flash for opening and the red for closing) whether I am opening or closing the door. The doors open and close fine. Is this likely to be a shorting problem?
3) Because of my concern about only having one remote fob that is functioning, I recently tried to operate the central locking from the boot lock. It did not work. Any ideas on the likely problem?
4) If my only fob failed is there a way of by-passing the system so that I can drive the car?
5) The Haynes manual for the car only provides a limited number of electrical diagrams. Is there another source?
With thanks for your time.
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