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What are your top 5 most soul-less cars? Top 5 most soulful?

Most Soul-less:

1. Pontiac Grand-Am
2. Chevrolet Cavalier
3. Chrysler K-cars
4. Ford anything (excluding pickups pre 1975)
5. Toyota Camry (newer wait. All models)

Most Soulful:

1. Mercedes Benz W123 class...okay, ALL models!
2. 1982 Peugeot 604 Turbo Diesel
3. BMW 2002
4. Volvo 1800
5. Audi A6

Note: These results are highly scientific, despite the purely subjective nature of the topic, and the ineffability of accurately defining the term "soul." Differing opinions will be subjected to the utmost scrutiny.

So...what are YOUR opinions?

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