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Here are my choices:
Least soulful:
1. Pontiac Sunfire rental
2. Toyota Camry (any)
3. Chrysler Cirrus rental
4. Rusty '88 Civic sedan with automatic and Nader bumper stickers peeling off bumpers.
5. VW Rabbit 4-door automatic

Honorable mention:
A horrible, diabolical Renault Le Car my friend had in college. It wasn't soulless; it had the soul of satan. It never missed an opportunity to screw up in the most bizarre fashion at the most inopportune times, and the things under the hood appeared to be spoons, toilet plungers, wine bags, and flowerpots, which made it difficult to decide what to do to make it run again. I could just see the French laughing at us as we pushed it down the side of the road!

Most soulful:

1. '63 Jaguar E-type roadster
2. Early '60s Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder Veloce
3. '57 injected Corvette
4. pre-'74 BMW 2002 (biased; I have one)
5. MB 300SL roadster (up to '63)

Honorable mention:
A 1928 Packard I saw at a car show last weekend. It had sat in a barn idle since 1953, and it was obviously kinda banged up when it was parked. All the chrome had peeled off the radiator shell and headlights, bumpers, etc. The paint was faded to a leather-like consistency, and it had what appeared to be original ancient radiator hoses and clamps. Moths or something had eaten most of the upholstery, and there was a bullet hole in the rear window. But when the show was over, amazingly, the straight 8 ground to life on the first crank, and the thing chugged off down the road on it's own power. VERY cool!
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