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Originally posted by w126
Ditto on what Duke wrote.

Fortuantely it's stored in a rodent free shop, which is really quite rare.
Ain't no such thing! My MR2 is currently stored in a small industrial shop out in Orange County. I rent a space from a car guy friend who has several cars stored there. There is nothing else in the space but stored cars. My buddy laughed as I placed traps inside each tire and poison "mouse bars" in the engine compartment, interior and trunk. He went on about how there were no people, food, etc. etc. to attract mice and there were cats around the complex.

We went out there in February to check things out, and what did I find - yep, a dead mouse in one of the traps. My buddy got religion and went out to buy traps to place in his other nearby building where he has a bunch of other cars stored.

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