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Re: thanks duke,mb

Originally posted by daddiojiggy
duke your views are exactly the wat i see it as i said ,it was unexpected storage and so nothing got concerns to priming the engine are just that.iwant to dump the oil as quick as possible,yet i want to bring it up to temp the car is the 95 s500 and i can't be sure which is the coil wire and the aldata site is down this weekend for 'updates'.can anybody tell me where to look and what exactly to pull?thanks,again!
Don't worry about it. Just charge the battery, do a visual check of the fluids and tire pressure, then do a normal cold start, which is just turn the key. I've seen engines come apart that have been sitting for years and there was still lots of oil in the bearings and valvegear - more than enough to provide the normal boundary lubrication before oil pressure builds up enough to feed oil to the bearings. As the engine starts up monitor the oil pressure gage and figure maybe two to three seconds before it rises.

Drive the car enough to thoroughly warm up, then change the oil and filter.

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