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The Grand National was a tire melter but so was the engine! Awesome car though!

My country butt prefers the following-

1. 68-71 Cutlass
2. late 60's Buick Rivera (as my friends like to call it, sorry Geraldo!)
3. My Grand Wagoneer
4. 81' Peugeot 505 td (paid $200 for it and spent $35 to get it going again and drove for 2 years before death)
5. 63' 190c

1. Eagle Premier
2. LS 400 (sorry mom)
3. Volvo s70 (sorry dear)
4. Ford Explorer (serves its purpose with the dogs and Seadoos. Great stereo! I see five at every redlight.)
5. Most of Enterprise inventory

Joe Golden
98' s70 21k (for sale)
98' Explorer Limited 41k
83' Wagoneer 213k
01' c240 (deposit)
84' 2 300d's and 91' 190e (gone)
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