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Thought I would only go with cars I owned. If you are looking for MBZ in the list, you will be disappointed.

NO Soul (No taste when I bought these)
-- 1962 Ford Econoline Pickup, with Mustang I6 (the engine fell out on the road one day)
-- 1973 Ford Torino (4 dr, with bench seats!!)
-- 1987 Pontiac Bonneville "POS" (traded after 4 months, utter garbage)
-- 1996 Ford Taurus SE (wife's old lease)
-- 1992 Ford Explorer (can you say NVH?)

Lots of Soul (not in order, still sometimes no taste though)
-- 1994 Taurus SHO (another wife's lease)
-- 1985 T-Bird Turbo Coupe (a light nose with a 4 banger turbo did wonders for this car's handling... trust me)
-- 1959 MGA (didn't last long but sweet)
-- 1972 Fiat 128 (I'm 6'6", what a blast to actually fit in, nevermind drive, for an underpowered econocube. Itty bitty Michelins drifting at 34mph)
-- 1963 Chevrolet SS '327 convertible, posi, Muncie, 375HP, red with dual whips and chrome
-- 1988 Lincoln LSC Coupe (Don't knock it until you've crossed country in it)
-- 1969 Dodge Charger 440, Same color as on Dukes of Hazard (Can you say TORQUE?)
-- 1967 MGBs -- A pair, one rusty, one a parts hound
-- 1997 GMC Yukon (Like driving your living room -- just don't try to stop. Soul was realized in full one day when we did an on blacktop pulling comp with my friends Expedition. I dragged him backwards up the street in 4lo, with his tires smokin and snorting til he stalled.)
1967 GTO -- ooops, almost forgot it, had to come back and re-edit!

'99 E430

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