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1972 350sl (450)

help, i can't get the sl to start.

went to move the sl from the garage to polish it but it is not starting. charge the battery use the 200 amp booster on the charger. engine cranks good but won't start got juice to the plugs although weak yellow spark not a strong blue. the P/O kept super care of this car.

now it's had the same gas for 1 1/2 years in the tank. i've started it a dozen times moving it around. just started about 4 weeks ago just fine after the battery charge.

now don't flame me but i used starting fluid after many attempted trys. won't even kick up or cough on starting fluid. even without gas it should cough and run a second or two. but nothing.

my engine manuals are at work and the 107 cd doesn't show any trouble shooting.

it's been tuned by the P/O, new wires, you name it dist cap so i assume points and actually it has run quite well up to this point. not cold maybe 70 today.

any help would be appreciated
Thanks Much!

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