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1985 300D Terrible Rotten Eggs smell from HVAC system?

A week ago, I replaced my AC compressor on my 1985 300D, pulled a vaccum and injected about a 16 oz of freon into it and then gave up since I was late for something else.
I drove the car for about a week like this.
Today I noticed the most horrible sound coming from the car's Passenger, and not, engine compartment. It smelled a little like that rotten eggs smell you get when your Catalytic Converter on a conventional car is plugged. It was so bad that the kids working at the MacDonalds Drive Thru window thought it was their food before I told them it was my car..
When I came home, I drew a vacuum on the system, pretty sure that the smell had to be AC related. I noticed a lot of black oily goo at the base of my air operated vacuum pump.
I am not sure if any of this smell is HVAC related, but I am pretty sure it is. The smell is not coming from the engine compartment and is not exhaust related, as far as I know.
I dont get the smell when the car isnt running. The only other thing I can think of is that rain water got into a body cavity, but I dont think so.
1985 300D Rotten Eggs smell from HVAC system?
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