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The resolution stinks because my magnifying glass is not large enough to capture both housings side-by-side. (guess I saved enough on this to get a real camera)

After checking the CD I see that the specs are in volts with the car running, so these passive resistance measurements are of dubious value, but here they are in ohms:

old new
pins 1-2 1.48 1.5
pins 2-3 5.66 5.41
pins 1-3 4.23 4.06

The dimension I was most concerned with was the height of the circuit board from the base of the housing. This would translate into how far the circuit board would protrude into the air meter, and affect contact of the wipers with the semiconductor pads.
These fears now seem unfounded. The old measures 20mm, the new 19.85mm.

Due to time constraints, I passed on replacing the intake gasket, but I did replace all the other rubber. I want a fresh start when I calibrate everything, and I would like to check for fuel leaks in broad daylight, but I did start the car and allow it to reach operating temp. Idle held fairly steady in the 600-800 rpm range. The real test will come next weekend.
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