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Unfortunately, the official MB Dealer in Raleigh , nearest me is a crook too. (just my opinion). They used to baffle me with B.S. all the time like money grows on trees and I was born yesterday until I finally found a Mom and Pop Mercedes place on the other side of town that was a world better. I would have loved to see Larry Bible go in there after bad service

I was told that this dealership was good, but around 3-5 years ago, due to low unemployment, the better folks left for better paying jobs. The turnover is high too, getting different personnel everytime I call and show up, never the same person, no one taking responsibility.

I would get charged for stuff that was not fixed and stuff that they replace that wasn't broken. I used to say, " Maybe I drive Mercedes' cuz I'm smart, not cuz I'm stupid", he he. They did not like that.

Unfortunately your car is so new you have to deal with offical dealers, or can you find and go to a local Mom and Pop?

Your stupidity and borderline fradulant experience is not isolated.

Luckily there's places to go like Benzmac, Steves, MOBDoc, etc, where you feel like they care, that's all it takes.

As far as the 0 tolerance rule, what a bunch a bull whether its policy or not!

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