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You might also want to call 1-800-4-mercedes and ask them about this policy. Though I remember that on my former 'TE something broke (again) outside of the Starmark warranty period and I was told by my service tech that once the extended warranty ended, that any remaining mileage on a traditional repair also ended. As if to say that despite the fact that MB offers a warranty of 12 months/12K miles on just about any repair they do, if the repair is done under warranty, and the warranty ends, the normal amount of mileage/time covered by the warranty would be reduced. I'm not a lawyer but don't think they can do this, convenient termination of warranty coverage. I didn't pursue the point as I traded the car. In addition, my dealer was also very good on the so-called "good will" front. But anyway, definitely call Mercedes and perhaps also your local Attorney General office, or whomever the equivalent is in Alberta.

Lastly, IMHO, if it's possible to get an extended warranty on your vehicle, run, do not walk, to do so! It could easily be the best investment you make in your vehicle!

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