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Re: I need help from Euro users

Hi there.

Denmark is the place to find w124 chassi parts.

Where the heck is Denmark???

Its a Kingdom placed right om top of Germany/ Northern Europe/Scandinavia.
We have large taxes on cars, nearly 180%, thats why most MB in Denmark is worn out Taxis or imported older models.
You see a lot of w124 with 400.000KM + on the meter in this country.
Thats why you can get spare parts here.

Try this place:

Sorry its only in Danish, byt see the spareparts index here with pictures:

Futhermore we are only about 5.2 Mill people in Demark, so we do need to learn other languages, most Danes do speak English.

Try give em`a call at phone: 0045 4821 7870 or Fax: 00454827 8407 Mailto :

Stock Manager Thomas Erner direct: 0045 4821 7871 Mail to

Worth a try, happy hunting at the danish webpage with the small pics.

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