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1987 300D Turbodiesel w/ blown head gasket

I am looking at a 1987 300D Turbo with 190k on the clock. The man said that it had a blown head gasket. It will run, but it will overheat so he doesn't let it run long. He can see the coolant "come out". Would the head be warped? If it was, how much wuld I be looking at to have it machined or replaced(used)? I would be able to do everything myself except for the machining. Would the car be worth about $600-$700? It sat for several months, then 5-6 months ago his dad started it quickly to move it, since then it has not been started.
But is what I really want to know is if the head would be destroyed beyond repair, or if I could just replace the gasket. The car has no rust and the interior is in fair to good condition. Only has minor other flaws.
Thank You
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