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Virginia Dude, thanks for your input. I do the simple stuff such as brake pad replacements, oil changes, fuel/oil/air filters but leave the specialty work to the mechanic. I don't believe he did a compression and leakdown test yet and have no idea if he checked the glow plug controller but I'm going to ask him. He put a multimeter on the original glow plugs and although they showed good, he suggested to change them because he said that was the normal cause of a cold engine misfire. Although his credentials are good, from his past performance, I'm beginning to seriously doubt he has sufficient knowledge to fix this problem. One point of clarification. Once the engine starts and I increase the RPM's to get all cylinders firing, she purrs like a kitten all day long so warm engine starts aren't the problem, only cold engine starts. I'm going to take your suggestion to my mechanic and if he balks, I'll find a new one. Thanks!
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