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Originally posted by manny
Have you considered a brake fluid flush & coolant change ?
Actually, yes! :-)

The coolant was changed at 18,000 miles at the "B" service in mid-2000. So it's been around 3 years but I checked the coolant and it's clean and smells fine (no foul smell or rust particles whatsoever). It was at the "max" mark as well, so it was nice and full.

Brake Fluid:
I can't remember if this was changed or not but I think it was at the same "B" service at 18k miles. I checked the brake fluid anyway and it was clean as well and at the "max" mark.

I really don't think that coolant or brake fluid goes bad in just a few years. So, I think changing them at 3 and 2 year intervals, respectively, is not warranted unless the fluid is discolored or dirty. I will probably change everything at 50k miles/5 years, my next "service". What do you think?
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