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I have more questions concerning my new 1980 300 SD:
1. The passenger side winshield wiper shaft wobbles as the wipers operate. How difficult of a job is it to replace this shaft? Is it accessed from the outside or the inside of the car?

2. The windshield washer pump runs and the resevoir has washer fluid, but none makes it to the windshield. I pulled the tube out of the resevoir and don't feel any suction. Should I feel suction even if the tube is clogged? I have not had time to check the entire line for obstructions yet.

3. I am going to replace the glow plugs on the old girl soon. I have replaced the glow plugs on a couple of Ford pickups before and they were a piece of cake (except for the one that is directly under the turbo-that one was a total pain in the butt). Is there anything that can go wrong on this car? Anything that should be watched for? It looks like a real easy job.

4. The drivers window operates really slowly. Is the motor difficult to get to? Is it difficult to get out? The drivers side rear window does not operate at all. Is it about the same as the drivers window to work on?

5. The sunroof rarely operates, but sometimes it does. How does one go about troubleshooting this motor? How do you get to the memchanisms involved?

6. The cruise control has its problems also. When I pull the lever toward me the car will accelerate, when I release the lever, the speed will not be held. It seems like the cruise control would operate except for something minor wrong. Is there a release switch that could be out of adjustment to cause the cruise control to not engage?

Any information would be appreciated. It seems like I have a new hobby.


1980 Mercedes 300 SD
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