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Battery and OVP

I need some advice regarding replacing the OVP. I removed the cover behind the battery and the OVP is secrued by a bracket with a nut. I cut my hand several times loosining the nut and the OVP bracked came loose. However, I could not pull the OVP out of the socket because the battery is making it difficult to remove the OVP. I then removed the battery plate on the left side and and the battery would not move one bit. The OVP has some sort of a wire attached underneath it and the length of the wire is not long enough for me to get it over the battery to remove it safely. After tinkering around I gave up. I know many of you have replaced it and I was curious how you got around the battery. Taking a heavy battery out is almost impossible because of the weight and lifting it out without damaging anything nearby but that seems to be the only way to replace the OVP and tightening the nut on the bracket.
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